MAX Agency Toronto Talent has an audition for SAUZA Tequila Commercial

MAX Agency’s own Toronto Actor Kay Dunkling has a great audition for Sauza Tequila online commercial.

You can’t have a site of tequila without mentioning margaritas, the world’s most popular cocktail, and one of the reasons for tequila’s growing popularity. Many people who start out enjoying a margarita graduate to appreciating fine tequila on it’s own. But for others, the cocktail is the supreme enjoyment. The tequila sunrise is undoubtedly the most famous tequila cocktail after the margarita. It’s been honoured in book titles, songs and movies.

In 1873, a young man named Don Cenobio Sauza bought a distillery in Mexico and began turning a rough local agave drink called ‘Vino Mezcal’ into the world-class spirit known as ‘tequila’. He created the very first family of tequilas and became the first to export tequila to the US. Today, Sauza stays one step ahead of the rest with unexpected ideas and fresh recipes.  Some things, however, never change: Sauza gold and blanco tequilas are still created at the same distillery in Tequila, Mexico, named ‘La Perserverancia’, where Don Cenobio started it all.

Here is a funny Sauza commercial about an anniversary date gone wrong. Enjoy!

Good luck to Toronto Talent Kay Dunkling at the audition!

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