MAX Agency Toronto Talent book PCDI Canada TV Commercial

MAX Agency has been a staple of the Toronto model and acting industry for many years now, and it already looks like it will be another exciting and productive year in 2012. MAX Agency is happy to announce Deeyan D, Maureen H, Cherilyn H, Diana H, Brett N, Jason M, and Mark C. for booking PCDI Canada TV commercial.

Many adults find themselves going back to school whether or not they attended college previously. This can be for many reasons from a change in career direction or just out of interest. Online schooling has been a welcome change for many adults because of the flexibility that comes with it. They have to make sure that the school schedule won’t adversely affect them on the job or they will still have time to take care of their families.
PCDI Canada is a respected, worldwide leader in distance education. Offering professional-level career training courses to adult students who prefer the flexibility and convenience of self-paced home study. PCDI opened their doors in 1987, offering just one career training course. Interest quickly grew, and gradually expanded their course offerings.

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