MAX Agency Toronto Beauty Tip #1: Sunscreen All Year Round

Several would agree that the best thing you can do for your skin is wear sunscreen. And during the summer months sunscreen is a common essential in most individuals daily beauty routine. But what many people don’t do is carry on using sunscreen throughout the year. The sun may be lower in the sky in the winter, but the damaging UVA rays are the same strength year round. Regardless if you spend time outdoors or not, the sun can find you! Guys, I realize girlie looking products can turn you off to taking care of your skin, but once you see results you wont give up the habit. It can be as easy as making sure your daily moisturizers have SPF ingredients of at least 15.

It’s one of those details that doesn’t make a huge difference right away, but you’ll be happy you paid attention down the road when you have less wrinkles and sun damage!

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