MAX Agency Toronto and Hidden Driveway

MAX Toronto Actors Angelo and Haissam are auditiong for a really big project. The short film Hidden Driveway is about two young brothers who try to make sense of family dynamics when they feel left in the dark. Alex, 11, and Chaz, 14 are hanging out in the park when they get a call from Mom to come home for a family meeting. As they walk home, they wonder what the hell it could be about..

Our MAX Talent are auditioning for the parts of Alex and Chaz the stars of the film.  Alex is 11 years old. He’s smart, thoughtful and sensitive. However he tends to worry at times. He’s also smarter than his older brother, Chaz. Chaz is14 years old. He’s someone that’s good natured, athletic, and easy in his body. What you see is what you get. He likes to lord his older brother status over Alex to make up for the fact that he senses Alex is smarter than him. With amazing directors and other incredible talent working on this film, its sure to be an instant hit. Hidden driveway will be aired on Bravo. And we hope to see MAX Toronto Talent Haissam and Angelo as the leads! Best of luck with the auditions guys!

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