MAX Agency Talent to Audition for Music Video with Television Program Kids’ CBC

MAX Agency talent Elizabeth B, Ava K, Michael P and Evelyn W will be auditioning to sing and dance in a music video with television show, Kids’ CBC! Doesn’t that sound exciting? If chosen, the lucky actor will perform alongside host, Patty Sullivan.

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a national radio and television broadcaster. The giant corporation broadcasts tons of programs such as Kids’ CBC, a preschool, commercial free show for kids. On Kids’ CBC, hosts Patty Sullivan and Sidd Bob explore Canada in a fun and engaging way, often featuring musical guests, a dose of comedy and preschool curriculum. On TV every weekday morning, Kids’ CBC mirrors a child’s world while helping them increase their discovery and imagination.

Elizabeth B, Ava K, Michael P and Evelyn W

These little cuties would be great in Kids’ CBC music video. Elizabeth B dances to hip hop, salsa and the mambo. She can also play the fiddle and the violin. Ava K does ballet and dances to acro and hip hop while Michael P loves to dance and can do sign language! Evelyn W likes gymnastics, can be speak French and  knows sign language too!

We wish Elizabeth B, Ava K, Michael P and Evelyn W the best of luck!

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