MAX Agency Talent audition for Subaru Print Ad

In 1976, Canadians got their first exposure to the benefits of Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive when the company began offering a full range of vehicles. Known for its safety, control and performance, the Subaru was soon loved by Canadians everywhere.

Soon enough, Subaru will be putting up an ad to be seen by Canadians everywhere. We won’t say much about the ad, except that it’s sports-related. And who better to audition for that ad than MAX Agency’s models? After all, our models play a variety of sports.

MAX Agency’s Nicholas M, Aldo S, Richardo D, Conrad N, Nolan B, Anthony D, and Matt M will be auditioning for the ad.

Nicholas plays tennis, Aldo is a long distance runner, Richardo is a wrestler, Conrad is a surfer, Nolan is a mountain climber, Anthony is a swimmer, and Matt is a golfer. Like we said, MAX Agency’s models play a variety of sports.

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