ICYMI: Milan Fashion Week

ICYMI: Milan fashion week just wrapped up, and it was… an interesting one. From weird, to classy to comfy. Here’s our breakdown of what went down.

ICYMI: Gucci. This was a wild show, from start to finish. This fashion house has been taking bolder and bolder moves each year, thanks to designer Alessandro Michele. For the Fall/Winter 18′-19′ collection his focus was on the precision of the craft, the embodiment of character and culture, self care and breaking out from the norm.

Designer for Gucci A. Michele

Alessandro MicheleMichele, shockingly,  sent models down two models down the runway with eerily-exact replicas of their own heads, the message represented the struggle to accept ones own identity and “looking after your thoughts.” Although it’s kind of creepy, we applaud the message and the time and craft that went in to such intricate and minutely designed pieces.

Severed heads at Gucci F/W 18-19

May culturally inspired designs were seen. The concept: ‘pluriverse”, uniting people in the face of our differences and rejecting the idea of ridged boundaries.

masks and identity
Culture Smash at Gucci F/W 18-19

All of this was set in a mock surgery room, complete with surgical tables and lamps. This was Michele’s ode to the precision and approach to his craft. And it’s obvious, once you look past the deeply meaningful, but bazaar,  accessories, you can see that the tweed jackets are highly tailored, the structure of the pants and tunics impeccable and the choice of fabric and colours undeniably luxe.

cat walk operations
Mock Operations. Gucci F/W 18-19

ICYMI:  Dolce and Gabanna used drones for models!

fashion tech
Dolce & Gabanna drone models

D&G affectionately called this their Fashion Devotion collection and included everything from exquisitely crafted Vatican City vestment brocades, cut velvet in royal colours, and sumptuous embroidery all the way down to cheap, profane slogans on sweatshirts and T-shirts appropriated from the aesthetics of the souvenir stall. Here’s some of this years Autumn Ready-to-Wear collection:

ICYMI: Spotted on the Streets: PINK! On the street out side of the fashion shows it was obvious that everyone was tickled pink. Featured prominently on Italian fashionista’s, rosy hues were on display weather it was full on outfits or subtly accents.

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