“I Woke Up Like This”: 10 Model Beauty Secrets

“I woke up like this,” or at least, I look like it. Here are a few tips and tricks that every model should know to look and feel their best at all times.

1 – Look Less Tired

Open up your tired, late-night eyes the next morning with a touch of gold shadow on the center of your eyelids from lash line to crease. Just a hint of shimmer in the daytime make your eyes shine.

2. De-Frizz Your Tresses

Believe it or not, a pea-sized amount of hand cream can easily de-frizz your unruly locks when you’re caught without your favourite hair products. Smooth a little dab onto your ends and you’re gold.

3. Fake Fuller Lips

Use a lipliner that matches your lip colour. Gently trace just outside your natural lip line with the utmost precision and apply a clear gloss or sheer lipstick on top.

4. Nix Nail Stains

Models get their manis and pedis redone at most shows and this can wreak havoc on precious nails. If dark polish has left it’s mark and can’t be removed easilty with nail polish remover, use the juice of a lemon as an instant brightener. Another very sneaky tip is to always leave a tiny border on the sides of your nails polish-free for a very clean effect.

5. Camouflage Skin Flaws

Do you use only one conclear colour to camouflage your skin? Try two. One lighter and one darker since our skin is not all the same colour all over. Using one for lighter and another for darker areas such as under-eyes will look more natural. This is what the pros do.

6. Detox Your Hair

Beat buildup by adding just a teaspoon of vinegar to your shampoo routine. It’s homemade clarifying shampoo and can be used once per week to give your scalp and hair a fresh clean start.

7. Bronze That Body

One glorious word: “Bronzer.” Whether light or dark-skinned, a little bronzer never hurt no one. A sprinkling on the cheekbones, the décolletage and the cheeks goes a long way. In fact, it will make you look like you came all the way from Ibiza!

8. Mix It Up

Mixing a little moisturizer with your foundation makes you positively glow. No expensive highlighter or extra products to buy. Just mix ‘n go.

9. Simplicity

One of the most important tips that models live by is sheer simplicity. The most beautiful models are not heavily made up. They are confident in their skin, eat well and get enough sleep.

10. Perfect Posture

When taking photos, always pretend you are squeezing an orange in between your shoulder blades to instantly improve slumping shoulders. Or just remember what your Mama taught you. She was right.