How to Achieve Your Dream Summer Body!

The warm weather is finally beginning to show itself and that means summer is almost here. If your New Year’s Resolution to get healthier has been taking a back seat thus far in 2019, there is still time to get in shape before bikini season begins!

Here are MAX Agency’s Top Tips for Getting your Dream Summer Bod:

Lower your sodium intake. Salt is your enemy so you want to cut it out as best you can. Avoid processed foods and always check the ingredients before you purchase.

Drink lots of water. Water not only helps your metabolism but it keeps your skin looking hydrated. Staying hydrated is a must to achieve your dream summer body.

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Get active. Adults should be getting at least 2-3 hours of physical activity a week. Go to the gym, take some fun classes or even start taking the stairs at work. If you want the fat to disappear, you’ve got to burn it off!

Get enough sleep. Adults should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night to function properly. To ensure your body is at it’s healthiest, give it a proper rest.

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Meal prep. When you’ve planned healthy meals for the week there’s no excuse to not eat clean. There’s no need to grab quick take out meals or unhealthy snacks.

Use spray tan. Tanning helps to make your skin appear smooth and hide any unwanted blemishes. This is the final step towards your beach bod!

Have a happy and healthy summer!

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