Elly C – Showcase Saturday – Toronto Kids Modeling

Welcome back to Showcase Saturday here at Max Agency — a successful model and talent management agency in Canada representing menwomen and children.

This week we will be featuring the charming and talented, Elly C!

An introduction to Elly:

“My background is Irish , English and Scottish. I was raised in Ottawa but currently living in Toronto.”

How she got into acting/modelling:

“From a very young age I have always loved to act and play different characters. I’ve always come up with creative story lines and even created my own personas that I love to act out. I truly enjoy the memorization process and becoming other personalities and characters. So becoming an actress was a natural and easy

Favourite memory from an audition or set?

“My favourite audition was for a short film. It was my favourite because I got to show lots of emotion and act out two scenes, giving me more lines to read and more acting to do. The more lines the better.”

Favourite things to do in spare time:

I like to create from board games, to Lego worlds, drawings, books, music and more. I love to spend time reading and writing. I also enjoy singing ,play violin as well as playing imaginary and training for gymnastics.”

Fun facts about Elly:

-“My role model is Jim Carry , I would love to meet him one day!
-I often compose and write lyrics to songs I play on the violin.
-Last season I had a 6.0 batting average in soft ball.
-I’ve completed 2 spartan races (obstacle races) and plan to do more.”

Final thoughts:

“I know I will make it as an actress due to my love, passion and ability. I’m just waiting for my big break! :)”

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