Confessions and MAX Agency Toronto

Have ever just wanted to tell it all? The good, the bad, and all that comes between. Just try to imagine confessing all of your secrets, and washing away your sins in a living room. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Be sure to watch three of MAX Agency’s finest Actors, Candida, Peter and Gerard in Confess to Me. A short film about a Priest that holds living-room confessions for the eccentric tenants of his building.  Featuring a series of brief confessions from all sorts of characters, Manny who will be played by Gerard, is the Superintedent of an old, low-rent apartment building.  Peter will be playing Stewart, a Jewish man who has decided to confess to a Catholic Priest out of feeling too embarrassed to confide in his Rabbi. And Candida will be playing Barb, a high strung, agitated tenant.

Sure to be entertaining, we cannot wait to watch three of MAX Agency’s finest! Job well done Peter, Candida  and Gerard!