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ICYMI: NYFW18. Our Fave Things

ICYMI: NYFW18  was filled with political messages, inclusive designs, an internet leak, and a final fashion week show for a big name! continue reading to find out!

We Are All Human Beings
Creatures of Comfort. Designer Jade Lai

ICYMI: Hilfiger, Klein, Siriano, Gurung, Vivi Zubedi and more, featured immigrant models and children of immigrants in their shows. Not only was this in protest to a certain american, it also showed the makeup and diversity of fashion. Something Max Agency has always fully supported (check out our beautiful and diverse roster of talent, link at the bottom).

ICYMI: Kanye West also featured model Halima Adam who walked fiercely in her hijab. Many designers cast models of all sizes and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the true essence of fashion, style and beauty. We at MAX are so proud and happy to see inclusivity  reflected at the top tiers of fashion, something we have represented since we began 18 years ago.

Kanye West, Halima Aden
Kanye West (left) featured refugee-camp-born and stunner, Halima Aden (right)

ICYMI: Remember #HotFelon from the Internet? Well, it looks like this meme has come to life! This,(fingers crossed) reformed convict has thankfully found a new career as a successful model after going viral in 2014 when his mugshot was posted online. Jermery Meeks made his debut on Philip Pleins catwalk.

Jeremy Meeks walks for Philipp Plein
Jeremy Meeks walks for Philipp Plein (Photo by Peter White/WireImage)

ICYMI:  Alexander Wang announced this this will be his last official fashion week show. Don’t worry, he’s not out of the game, just doing what he does best and switching it up. Opting instead to run his shows on off season dates.

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A big congrats to our talent Robert B. and Kristian K. for landing spots in Toronto Men’s Fashion Week FW18!

Robert B. has been with MAX for one year and this will be his first time walking in TOM*. Kristian K. has been with MAX for a little under ONE MONTH and this was his FIRST AUDITION. Wooo! Way to go boys!

If you want to see our guys walking, make sure to check out TOM*FW18 from March 6 – 11.

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For more of our awesome talent check out our roster at

If you want to become one of our talent, apply here!

Confidence, Sense of Style and a Signature Look!

Life offers you daily opportunities to shine! Expressing your own sense of style has the ability to bring out the best in you, at any age, in any situation. Strong sense of style = Energy & Confidence! Remember, how you look – indicates how you feel!

“When you’re working in a creative industry, its always a plus if you have a signature look – whether its a standout hair colour, a sharp cut, big curly hair, or a fun lipstick shade. Cool hair and a pop of colour can be good conversation starters and help make you more memorable” – Elaine Welteroth

“Don’t wear too much make up to an interview. People can be suspicious of anyone who tries too hard. You want an air of effortlessness” – Gucci Westman

Immediate things to consider while looking for a quality candidate in the model & talent industry:
1) Confident body language. Posture is everything. Sitting or standing hunched over portrays too casual of an attitude. 
2) Having the ability to interview well will make it easy for the talent agency because they want to “book” you immediately.
3) Does the camera love them? Is the photo current and appropriate? If you are striking a “Zoolander” pose would this encourage companies to book you based on the assumption that you are fun and able to perform the job well? Definitely something to consider!