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Audition Invites

The last few days have be amazingly busy for the agency and for our superb talents! There have been lots of invites to  auditions and we wanted to congratulated everyone for landing these coveted auditions. So here’s a wrap up of the last few hectic days!

DUNCAN W.  was out auditioning for – PROJECT GAIN

JAMIE M. has had a great week so far! He’s been invited to not one, but two auditions! PROJECT  TD and PROJECT  FINANCE TVC! Good job, Jamie!

MITHRA A Has been invited to audition for PROJECT TD also! How awesome is that?! Hope you had a blast, Mithra!

BHAGYASHREE B. was out for PROJECT Pepsico -Montellier.

DARIA F. was also out for  PROJECT Pepsico Montellier.

CHASE T. has been on a great audition role ! He was also invited to audition for PROJECT Pepsico Montellier.

Bit of information on Montellier: Montellier carbonated natural spring water is drawn from an underground spring in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Quebec and has been bottled in Quebec City since 1984 by the family business Alex Coulombe ltée.

DIVYA B. was out this week for and auditioned for PROJECT PEPSICO

as well as SUSANA M. She was also out invited out for an audition with PROJECT PEPSICO!

Bit of information on PepsiCo: PepsiCo Inc. was created in 1965 through the merger of the Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay Inc. As the world’s second biggest food and beverage firm, PepsiCo ensures that its mission statement and vision statement are aligned with its current business condition. This condition highlights the diversification of the company in terms of its product mix and markets.

Big congratulations to all who went out and impressed the casting directors so far this week. We’re waiting on the good news!

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Mikayla M.- Saturday Showcase!

Welcome back to our Saturday Showcase! This week we are excited to present to you a very energetic, ambitious and talented young woman!

Mikayla M. is a 22-year-old blue-eyed blond. And while she is, of course, beautiful, it’s her passions and attitude that really sets her apart.

Mikayla M

Mikayla is in her second year of study at George Brown College with dreams of working for a major health technology corporation in the future.

While she finishes her design degree,  Mikayla remains passionate about personal work building her portfolio and making a name for herself in the user experience and user interface design field. check out some of her work here!

Mikayla M

“I enjoy working on personal projects and keeping very busy. I think being busy (with balance of course) is the way-of-life that works best for me, that way I’m always accomplishing things and growing as a person.”

And that drive is evident in her daily routine. Wake up at 5:00 a.m., then either head to work or the gym for a workout to wake up her body and mind. She follows this with a healthy breakfast and planning the rest the rest of her day. “I’m obsessed with organization, so lists are how I keep myself in order.”

Mikayla M

“If I had to choose a life philosophy, it would be one that my dad passed down which is “do something instead of nothing.” I kid you not, I tried to run and hide from this now very meaningful saying, but I truly feel the healthiest mentally and physically than ever in my 22 years.”

Mikayla and Friend

When Mikayla is not on her professional grind, you can most likely catch her at the gym kicking butt, reading a book, walking around listening to music and enjoying the sun, planning fun dates or just relaxing and catching up on Netflix.

She plans on spending the summer catching the sun and working on an internship in her chosen field. We at MAX have every ounce of believe that Mikayla will continue to do great things! All the best!

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What Now? How to Get into Modeling

is our new series where we explore options, processes and insider insights into the modeling world.  Read on for step one:

How to get in to the modeling industry

What Now?

Many people have dreams and aspirations of becoming a model. It is not uncommon to find young children fantasizing about growing up and walking down a runway with a million flashbulbs going off all around them. The allure and glamour of the modelling industry is something that we have been subjected to from the media for as long as media has existed.

If this idea has turned into a passionate pursuit, then how do you go from looking at magazines, to being IN the magazines? In this blog we will discuss the the steps that should be taken in order to secure representation. 

Now what Open page magazine

Being a model takes much more than being just a pretty face and a large social media following. You need stamina, patience, and lots of hard work.

Now What?

Before seeking out an agent to represent you, you need photos to show off.  These will act  almost like a resume, but for your face.

Take very simple photos. When you are just starting out in it rare to already have a portfolio or even head shots yet. But no worries. You can start with simple digital or print photos at home. These can be done by family member, a friend, or even on your own with a timer camera. These photos will give agents a look into who you are and the canvas which can be worked it.

When your taking your picture remember the following:
  • Wear minimal makeup, or better yet, none at all. You want to show your features in a neutral and natural setting.
  • Wear simple, form sitting clothes that are in good taste and neutral colors. The “model uniform” usually consists of skinny jeans or leggings, and form fitting shirts or tank tops, usually in black or white.
  • Keep hair simple, consistent and well groomed.
  • Stick to simple poses, and avoid props, you are the focus of these pictures.
  • Have one head shot (or close up) of your face smiling and one close up (or head shot) of your face in a neutral expression. You can include left and right profile pictures.
  • Always include a full length body shot. Women, if you are comfortable with the idea, consider a swimsuit. Men, if you are comfortable, consider boxer briefs or swim trunks. This way it will be easy to access your fitness levels.
  • Always submit clear, and in focus photos.
When taking your pictures, super remember that following:
  • Don’t wear tons of heavy makeup. By putting on 4 layers of base, contouring on new cheekbones and overdrawing your pout, you’re covering your natural angles and beauty. Keep that for the ‘gram.
  • Don’t Wear distracting clothing. Avoid bright colors and anything Ed Hardy (in photos and in real life, please). Don’t take this as an attempt to wow a potential agent with your style. Keep it simple!
  • Don’t do elaborate up-do’s, massive hair extensions, and teasing or the roots should be steered clear of. If you are the kind to change your hair colour and style often, know that you may be asked to update your photos so as not to catfish casting directors. (this can get expensive when you have to re-shoot your professional head shots every few months. 

Now What headshot variety

Now What?

So now that you have your beautiful, clean and clear photos ready, you’ll want to start looking for an agent to get an idea of your potential and markets that you may have potential in. You can schedule a meeting with a MAX agent here. 

Now What?

Next step is an evaluation. Evaluations are a necessary part of the process, this is so time and money on both sides are not wasted. Very rarely are people signed automatically. Professional agents will give you their industry opinion and let you know where you might fit in and in what market you have potential.

“Market” can refer to both location and the sort of modeling work you will do. There are many different kinds of markets. For example: North American, Asian, commercial, and high fashion.

It is important to be persistent with your goals, don’t give up. The entertainment industry is a tough one and there will be many rejections to faced. Don’t be discouraged, keep working, keep practicing, keep getting exposure.