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ICYMI: NYFW18. Our Fave Things

ICYMI: NYFW18  was filled with political messages, inclusive designs, an internet leak, and a final fashion week show for a big name! continue reading to find out!

We Are All Human Beings
Creatures of Comfort. Designer Jade Lai

ICYMI: Hilfiger, Klein, Siriano, Gurung, Vivi Zubedi and more, featured immigrant models and children of immigrants in their shows. Not only was this in protest to a certain american, it also showed the makeup and diversity of fashion. Something Max Agency has always fully supported (check out our beautiful and diverse roster of talent, link at the bottom).

ICYMI: Kanye West also featured model Halima Adam who walked fiercely in her hijab. Many designers cast models of all sizes and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the true essence of fashion, style and beauty. We at MAX are so proud and happy to see inclusivity  reflected at the top tiers of fashion, something we have represented since we began 18 years ago.

Kanye West, Halima Aden
Kanye West (left) featured refugee-camp-born and stunner, Halima Aden (right)

ICYMI: Remember #HotFelon from the Internet? Well, it looks like this meme has come to life! This,(fingers crossed) reformed convict has thankfully found a new career as a successful model after going viral in 2014 when his mugshot was posted online. Jermery Meeks made his debut on Philip Pleins catwalk.

Jeremy Meeks walks for Philipp Plein
Jeremy Meeks walks for Philipp Plein (Photo by Peter White/WireImage)

ICYMI:  Alexander Wang announced this this will be his last official fashion week show. Don’t worry, he’s not out of the game, just doing what he does best and switching it up. Opting instead to run his shows on off season dates.

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Bookings and Auditions for MAX Talent this Week

Auditions and Bookings This week: 

Patrica W has had a great week!

She booked Project OPA and she’s also going out to audition for Project Laura! Great Job and Good Luck Patricia!

Two Young Ladies Heading Out For Role Auditions!

Nadia B (left) and Cailee M (right) are taking their smiling selves to the Project POLAR auditions.  Who could say no to those smiles? All the best girls!!

Dashing Kyle is Out For an Audition

Max Male Model Kyle H

 Kyle H is vying for Project Freedom Mobile this week! With his accent, multitude of talents (from athleticism to musical to comedic) we hope all the luck to you Kyle!

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The MAX Family Gets Bigger!

Welcome Jessica S. to the MAX family!

5 Fun Facts!

1. Bachelors degree in Archaeology, Masters degree in Museology
2. Spent one week hiking the Himalayas to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp
3. Has lived in Canada, Spain, and South Korea
4. A mug of hot chocolate every night is her guilty pleasure and secret to getting through the cold dark Canadian winters.
5. Four years of professional training and experience in culinary arts

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Talent Tuesday!

MAX Agency is happy to welcome back teen sensation Corey Dixon!


After taking a break from acting following his tragic accident in February 2016, Corey has returned to MAX and is ready to take the industry full force.

Corey has been acting since the age of 5 and has appeared in television programs like Degrassi (Season 10) and YTVs Splat-A-Lot. He recently launched a new YouTube series, Corey’s Crazy Karting Adventure, and also dedicates his time to inspire others by raising awareness for mental health issues through talks and appearances.

You can follow his journey on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Welcome back, Corey!


“I want to be an inspiration to others. I really want the world to know my story and I want people to know they are NEVER alone and that it WILL and it DOES get better, just think positive.”


International Photoshoot

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.15.15 PM Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.15.56 PM Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.21.02 PMOn June 13th 2017 MAX agency’s international girls took a step into their future and went to their creative photoshoot.

Maddie Zarb and Hannah Bradshaw had the photoshoot in Toronto. They arrived early to get their hair and makeup done! Each girl was excited and nervous as they did not know what to expect.

Hannah went first, she had several outfit changes and poses. She was like a pro. As soon as the camera was on her she took control and became a true star.

“The photoshoot was fantastic today. Everyone was so nice and it was a welcoming environment. I felt so comfortable and I’m so glad i got to experience this! Thanks so much Max Agency!”  Said Bradshaw.

Maddie waited while Hannah was in her photoshoot, this was her first time ever being in a professional studio.

When Maddie was in her shoot  she was nervous at first but she became more confident as the shoot went one! It was like she made for this.

Zarb said “I had a lot of fun at the photoshoot and I got to take a variety of photos. It was was a really cool experience and i look forward to do similar shots in the future!”

These girls will be soon traveling for runway shows and to do international photoshoot!

To follow them on their journey, make sure to follow our accounts for the inside scoop. Can’t wait for more to come! Hope everyone is excited to see the photos!

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Project 333/33

How many of your clothes do you actually wear? Realistically, maybe only a few pairs of pants and a few of you fav shirts.

This year the trend of 333/33 is circling around.

Project 333/33 is where you only have 333 articles of clothing in your wardrobe or 33 article of clothing. The point of this is to reuse what you wear the most, save money on buying new clothes and to learn about your fashionable side by mixing and matching different clothes from what you have.

Studies have shown that the people who are trying this trend have liked it a lot better. Most people said that their workplace peers didn’t even realize that they were wearing the same pieces of clothing but with different shoes, jewellery or handbag.

This is a great way to save money and to get longer wear out of clothes.  Try it out, see if you like it! It might surprise you what you have sitting in your closet.

The girls of the world

MAX Agency is excited to announce our brand new Elite Division. The Elite Division is higher division of modelling that allows select models to travel and go international for work.Elizabeth

Starting on June 14th, Maddie Zarb, Hannah Bradshaw and Elisabeth Callaghan are taking part in a photo shoot that will assist them on their journey to complete their portfolios and prepare for their future as professional and international models.

Each girl has worked extremely hard to achieve this goal and are very passionate about what they do!

Zarb said ” I’v only really been with some agencies for two months so far”

Maddie Z“I expect it to be a lot harder than people think, I was given a lot of material before the shoot and I was shocked of how much practising means. Overall I am really excited, ” she said.

“A lot of what I’ve done is practicing in the mirror and having people take photos of me so I know what works and what doesn’t,” she added.

Bradshaw stated “I’m not really sure what I’m expecting, it’s kinda like a test run for the future.”

“To prepare for the photoshoot I have been watching the videos that were sent to me , and researching models and their poses so that I can prep for next week,” she said

“I’m most excited to do a professional photoshoot, I’m also excited to get my hair and makeup done and have my wardrobe ready for me,”  she added.

The girls will have the experience
of traveling as elite models to do photoshoots and runway shows. While the girls are on the road traveling they will be blogging and vlogging about their travels. There will be behind the scene footage on their hair, makeup, clothes, and experience. If you’re interested in that, the girls will be giving tips and advice for anyone who is interested in pursuing the same.

Everyone is excited to see the girls as their hard work has paid off!

More updates are happening soon, so stay tuned!

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Anthony D. is Happy to share with us how his Project went for “THE  RETIRED TEACHERS OF TORONTO”

How did  you enjoyed your booking?

“It was a fun day.

The video is aimed at retiring Teachers to notify them that life is not over at retirement, rather it is just beginning. They can date again, go for romantic walks, run through play grounds like little kids, eat ice cream, take exotic trips, get involved in Charity works, or make new friends.

We had a blast shooting different scenes from lot of the above…. :)This is what I had originally signed up for, so it was a great experience and the Crew were awesome.

I hope they make sequels ”

We are really Exited to have Anthony D. in Our Agency & We hope to make more memories in the near Future.

Thank You, Anthony for sharing your experience with us!anthony-d