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MAX Agency Toronto Talent Spotlight

This week MAX Models Toronto is doing a feature on a dynamic duo, more specifically, a dynamic father and daughter duo.

Rocco and Celeste have been a part of MAX Agency Toronto for a number of years. Rocco has been in a wide variety of projects, from a Levitra print ad, to Toronto Life Magazine. Rocco has also been in a number of music videos most notably ,Kilinger’s Holding On. Aside for being a great Toronto Actor, Rocco is quite the renaissance man, speaking Italian and being able to Tango, its no wonder why we all love having him around!

Now, the one thing about the Chiappettas, is that it’s not hard to know who the real beauty of the operations is. Celeste is vibrant, fun and extremely talented just like her father. Celeste of MAX Agency Toronto has been submitted for projects like Zellers, Nutella, Urban Legends and so many more. However, her fame to date is a Stewardship print ad that was published in the Toronto Star. She can sing, she can dance, and is one of the cutest things that we have seen! We wish both Rocco and Celeste continued success!

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MAX Agency Toronto Model Spotlight ‘Samantha P’

Samantha P. was accepted by MAX Agency Toronto and added to the roster in July of 2009. Since then Samantha has had the opportunity to work with some big names in the industry. It’s her ongoing success with Canada’s largest skateboard and snowboard chain, West49 that brings her the most popularity around MAX Modeling Agency. Samantha has been hosting an online media series called Dialed In. As the host, she informs us of upcoming contests, featured athletes, new products and so much more. She has also done a commercial for Artistry beauty products.  So, apart from her being beautiful and well spoken Samantha is also a talented actress. She landed the part of Natalie in the short film Clear Skies. Her MAX Agency Booking Agent, Suzanna, thinks that Sam has a great marketable girl next- door look, and a beautiful smile. On top of her looks it’s her dedication and passion that has helped Samantha have such positive results in this industry. MAX Agency Toronto is looking forward to continued success both in modeling and acting for Samantha.

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Weekly Featured Talent at MAX Agency Toronto

Toronto Model Lisette Pedicelli has been an asset to MAX Agency since 2007. She is a well recognized face both here in the office, and all around Toronto. She has worked with some of MAX Agency’s biggest clients.

You can find her on the Catwalk for The Bay’s Annual Fashion Show. You can also find her in Print Ads all over the city for Allergen, Juvederm and Botox.

As well as being beautiful and talented Lisette speaks French fluently which makes her a great asset for submissions that require the talent to be bilingual. Lisette is also an accomplished actress. She can be seen in the newest Shiloh video “Alright” as Becky. She can also been seen on the series Urban Legends. It airs on the Biography channel and has been broadcasted in more than nine countries.

When asked, her agent Dalia said, “Lisette is very dedicated, full of energy and it’s always a pleasure to see her in the office. We always knew that she would do well, and I wish her continued success in the industry.”

Like Dalia, the rest of us here at MAX Agency mirror her sentiments and are very proud to represent her.

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