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model Agency Toronto – Toronto acting agency- Andrew Z.

Today’s Talent Spotlight is Andrew Z. As a father of 2 little girls, he is focused on his health, passion, and goals for his future. He’s been on a journey to follow his passions and achieve his dreams. 

He has joined Max Agency to pursue his life-long dream of being an actor/model to show his daughters that you should never give up on what you are passionate about. 

Andrew Z. – Max Agency Actor/Model – Toronto Talent Agency

Andrew was not in great shape as a kid and was bullied often. This taught him to be kind to everyone and to never depend on anyone except himself.

He’s achieved honours throughout elementary school and high school. While he has always dreamed of acting and modeling, he decided to pursue it when given various reasons why he couldn’t.

Andrew Z. – Toronto Male Model – Modeling Toronto

He enjoyed the field of business, so he went to university for a Bachelor of Business Administration. He quickly realized that he did not enjoy the learning process, finding it dull. He switched paths to find something more suitable for him and completed the 3-year Electrical Engineering Technologist program at Georgian College, to graduate with honorary mentions.

He then found a job that he enjoyed but unfortunately, after 2 years, he broke his leg playing soccer. As a result, he lost the job upon coming back. Because of COVID and other factors, he has not been successful in finding the type of career that he wanted in Electrical engineering. But this is a minor setback that he does not let become his demise.

Andre Z. – Crossfit trainer – Toronto Talent Agency

He refuses to settle for something that he doesn’t enjoy, so he decided to get his Level 1 coaching certificate in CrossFit and coach, amongst other side jobs (construction, UBER, etc). He also decided to try to pursue his life-long dream to act/model to show his daughters that you shouldn’t ever give up on what you’re passionate about.

Andrew Z. – Male model Toronto – Toronto acting agency

He became a father at 18 years old. He found fitness and started to turn his life around physically as he never wanted to be a dad who cannot keep up with his kids. He wanted to set a good example.

He has been consistent and dedicated to bettering himself physically, mentally, and spiritually. He worked whether he wanted to or not, and he still does. He is now in the gym twice a day whether it is for CrossFit, Bodybuilding, or Weightlifting.

Andrew Z.- Max Agency actor – Toronto Acting Agency

Being so passionate about fitness, he loves to compete. He has participated in CrossFit competitions, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Sprint Triathlons, and more. He loves to push his boundaries and his mind. He enjoys being active, whether it is through Soccer, Skiing, Volleyball, Swimming, etc.

Andrew Z. – Toronto acting

Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring nature by going on hikes. Travelling is important to him, to experience various cultures and lifestyles. “The world has so much to see and offer. It’s a beautiful place. “

Andrew Z. – Max Agency Talent – Toronto Talent Agency

“I enjoy music and dancing too (although I’m not the best dancer nor singer). I’m a huge advocate of live music and you can find me at concerts whenever I can be dancing away the night absorbing the euphoria of energy they provide. Whether alone by myself or with friends, it is one of my favourite things to do and brings me so much joy.

Another form of art I enjoy is writing. When I feel inspired to do so, I like to write poetry as it is a great way to express emotion and feelings. ”

Below is a poem that Andrew has written:

Our lives can be seen as like that of ship amongst the seas. No one person travels the exact same path – no one journey is ever the same. Things can be great, clear skies and full speed ahead; but when adversity strikes we are put to the test. You can fight the wind and be stopped dead, or adjust your sails and turn your head. With each battle we learn to adjust, from pain comes growth, go on we must. Don’t let life be derailed by stormy gusts, in yourself you must trust. Accept that we cannot change the wind, only the direction we sail our ship in. You are the captain of your own vessel – choose how you wish to steer for you are special. Become a master of the seas and your life will flow endlessly. 

Andrew Z. – Male model – Toronto modeling agency

“I want to find my place in the world doing the things which I love and am truly passionate about. Always learning and always growing. I will one day become successful in doing so and I can’t wait. I am excited for what the future holds and will take grasp of any and all opportunities which come my way. I am a yes man and I am ready to say yes to living my dreams.”

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Toronto Modeling Agency – Talent Spotlight – Brendan S.

Our Talent Spotlight is on Tattoo Apprentice and Max actor/model, Brendan S.

Brendan moved to Canada 4 years ago from Galway, Ireland, and worked as a chef. But he has recently switched his career around to become a Tattoo Artist!

He has wanted to be a tattoo artist since high school and even mentioned it in his yearbook when asked what he wanted to be!

Brendan’s latest tattoo – IG @beanslattz

He himself has a lot of tattoos and he likes the industry.
To follow this interest, he’s taken drawing classes and became a tattoo apprentice a few months ago. He has joined the Ash Gray Inc Tattoo studio at Yonge-Steele as a tattoo apprentice to become a photorealism artist.

Why start modeling/acting?

One of his friends who is an  actor brought up that he has a unique look and suggested that he tries modeling/acting. He took the leap to try something new and challenge his nervousness.

Brendan is patiently waiting for his first modeling or acting job! To book Brendan, or anyone else on our brilliant roster of Max Talent, please contact or call our office at 416-482-5394.

MAX Agency is a successful Toronto modeling agency representing menwomen and children. MAX provides talent for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events.

For weekly MAX Agency news, updates, and Industry tips, follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter! Never miss a moment with MAX Agency!

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To see our awesome talent check out our roster.

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Toronto modeling – Toronto acting agency – Talent Spotlight – Carol P.

Meet Carol P., our Talent Spotlight of the day!

Carol has had a life full of challenges including a robbery, being held at gunpoint, house fires, and a life threatening accident. But she has remained positive to show her daughters to remain strong when life throws you a curveball. 

She makes her the most of her time with her family and life! She decided to take a leap and invest in herself by joining Max Agency.

Carol P. – Model and actor at top model agency in Toronto, Max agency

Carol is a mom of 2 and a grandmother of 5. She moved to Oshawa 25 years ago as a single mom to find work and support her family. It has been her home ever since.

Carol worked at a pub in Whitby where they were collecting funds for local children who would do without at Christmas. They got a list of children’s names and ages from local family services, Salvation Army, children’s aid, etc. What they called ‘The Grinch Fund’ would be used to buy Christmas gifts for the children.

The night before Christmas Eve turned out to be one that she will never forget. As she was covering a shift for a good friend, she saw 2 men in masks come out the kitchen door, one holding a gun and the other a knife. She instantly felt “scared to death”.

Carol P. – Toronto Talent agency’s model

Carol recalls, “I felt angry when the gun-wielding one was leading me to the cash register and asking about the safe and my purse. When we were on the floor in the front of the house and it had been quiet for a few minutes I pulled out of the tape and ripped it at my ankles and sneaked to the kitchen window in the door to see if they had gone – they had and they had taken the whole safe!

I saw the cook come through the door – he got out of his tape as well, and I dialed 911 from the office beside us. They answered and I just started screaming so the cook took the phone. I went to the patio door and saw a police cruiser pulling in so I opened the door and threw myself out onto the sidewalk – the officer opened his door and I heard the call over the radio – they had pulled in by coincidence!

So many emotions that night and the days that followed…and every Sunday night I have closed the pub since that day. “

How did you move on from that?

Carol: “The staff, owners, customers, my family – there was such a big group of family there – some related, some not. We talked about it and the ability to do that with everyone was definitely what helped me through it.”

Carol P. – Toronto Acting Agency talent – Max Agency

Carol has also been through 3 major house fires, all of which resulted in complete losses. After rebuilding her world for the third time, her longtime friend and she decided to take her youngest daughter, Courtney, on vacation to Cuba.

On day 3 of their vacation, they took a ride on scooters to go visit school children with gifts. Carol woke up 10 days later in the trauma hospital in Camaguey. She had suffered an orbital bone fracture,  a skull fracture, and a brain bleed as a result of a number of end-over-end acrobatic flips into a 12-foot cactus-filled ditch.

This is the ‘life event’ that I believe changed my daughter forever. When they reached me in the ditch, I had a massive gash on my head and was bleeding profusely. Scott [Carol’s friend] got to me first and didn’t want Courtney to see all the blood so he told her to get a water bottle from his scooter up on the road. I wasn’t breathing, so Scott began CPR while Courtney flagged down a car that took us to the hospital. Scott looked after Courtney for the duration of our so-called vacation.

I’ve told Courtney a few times when talking about the accident that I think it changed her. She had to try and mentally prepare to bring her mom home in a box, and I’m not sure she’s ever gotten past that.”

Carol P. seeing rays of sunshine for the first time after the accident, with her daughter, Courtney

After her 14-days stay in the hospital, she was released and given the authorization to fly home. She will be celebrating her 10 year anniversary of beating the odds this January. 

“In that time I’ve grown to value every moment of every day spent with my family. My father has since been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so my appreciation for quality time with the ones I love could no be more true today. “

“I made sure that every summer, we had a weekly cottage rental and enjoyed boating fun like tubing, lake cruising, bonfires, yes – roasting hot dogs and marshmallows were a must!”

Toronto acting agency talent, Carol P., enjoying time with her grandkids.

Now that her daughters each have families of their own, Carol has decided to take the leap and invest in herself by joining Max. She’s found things that she enjoys doing just for her, like gardening, walking trails at the lakefront, and music.

“Music is very therapeutic for me. A “karaoke road trip”, or a long drive singing along with my Spotify song list is sometimes, exactly what I need to de-stress.”

Carol P. with her 2 daughters

How do you stay strong and positive after all that you have been through? 

“I was taught by my parents when I first had children that children learn from what they live and are watching how I react to different situations. I stayed positive and strong because my daughters were watching me and how I dealt with these traumatic events.”

“One of the things that I believe “stands out” about me, is my sense of humour. Throughout all of the trials and tribulations life has sent my way, I’ve used my sense of humour as my coat of armour. It has served me very well over the years and I do believe I have passed that on to both of my daughters. I strive to make at least one person laugh out loud every day!”

Toronto modeling agency talent, Carol P.

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