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MAX Agency Toronto featured New Talent Haleigh Ryan

Max Agency Toronto would like to take the time and promote a featured new talent. One of our most recent MAX Toronto Talent is Haleigh. She isnt just another pretty face. In fact, she attends University of Western Ontario in hopes of becoming a child psychologist. Haleigh has been dancing since the age of five and dancing competitive for six. Not only has she been captain of her school cheerleading team, coached an elementary school team, but has been a cheerleader with Cheerforce Wolfpack for the last seven years. This driven young lady also enjoys horseback riding, a numerous of sports such as basketball and soccer. In addition to being an honour student, she managed to win plenty of awards for community service and teamwork. With Haleighs love for performing and being in front of an audience, we are confident she will accomplish tremendous things in the near future.

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MAX Agency Toronto Featured Talent Jacqueline Therrien

Jacqueline is our latest Featured talent on board with MAX Agency Toronto. This well travelled 15 year old beauty dreams of one day locating in New York City, as its her favourite destination visited thus far. She hopes and has a strong desire to keep travelling throughout her lifetime. On her leisure time Jacqueline loves shopping, listening to music, watching movies, spending time with family and friends. She likes to express her creativity through fashion and decorating.  Modelling, and the fashion industry itself is a new experience Jacqueline is trilled to explore. We are excited to be representing Jacqueline, and believe she will accomplish great things to come.

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MAX Agency Toronto Featured New Talent Clarissa

Clarissa is our Latest Featured New Talent here at MAX Agency Toronto. Clarissa is only 14 but has the wisdom and maturity far beyond her years. Her drive and diversity is what has motivated Clarissa to get into the world of MAX Toronto Modeling and Acting. With a demanding social life in high school and her dedication to modeling and acting, Clarissa still has time to be extremely interested in her artwork, dance and horseback riding. She loves fashion, and thinks she spends too much time in front of the mirror! Modeling to Clarissa is, “ Something more that just the glamorous lights, photographs and poses. It’s about capturing each individual’s beauty.” She is extremely excited about working with MAX Agency Toronto, and cant wait to indulge in all the opportunities that come along with the industry.  Her Agent Dalia thinks that Clarissa is, “ Energetic, spunky and an intriguing character.” She also feels confident that Clarissa will represent MAX Agency Toronto well at Auditions and Assignments. We look forward to seeing big things from the Latest MAX Toronto Model Clarissa.

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