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MAX Agency Talent auditions for SKITTLES Viral

Someone who greatly enjoys sugary foods is said to have a “sweet tooth”. Many people around the world are fond of sweets, whether its chocolate, cakes or candy. MAX Agency Talent Eileen A. has a tasty audition to satisfy her sweet tooth for the brand new Skittles viral video.

A variety of bite-sized chewy candies with a colorful candy shell, Skittles has been allowing fans to “taste the rainbow” for decades. Today, over 200 million Skittles candies are produced on a daily basis, with an average of 42 skittles to a standard bag.

Touch the Rainbow! Taste the Rainbow! This 2007 TV Commercial may as well go down in the books as a classic, but this poor man sure doesn’t think so. ENJOY!

Best of luck to MAX Agency Toronto Actor Eileen at the audition!

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MAX Agency Talent auditions for QUESTRADE TV Commercial

“The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” If you seen the 1987 popular stock market film “Wall Street”, this quote may sound familiar. Trading stocks can be a fulfilling career, hobby and a source of income. Many millionaires around the world have made their money by investing in stocks. MAX Agency bids on George P. for having a successful Questrade TV Commercial audition.

Questrade has been in business for well over a decade, building themselves up from practically nothing to being the largest independent online broker in all of Canada. Questrade has one clear mission: help Canadians achieve financial independence by providing them with the best investment tools and information.

Best of luck to MAX Agency Toronto Actor George at the audition!

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MAX Agency Talent audition for ACORN STAIR LIFT Commercial

As we get older, it is only natural for us to experience a loss of mobility. Conditions such as arthritis, or any type of disability can be a real burden on the older generation or the physically challenged. MAX Agency is convinced that MAX Agency Talent Ian C., Savva P., and Sal C. will sweep the casting directors away with their larger than life persona at the Acorn Stair Lift commercial audition!

Acorn Stairlifts is an international, family owned company, employing over 900 employees worldwide. Acorn Stairlifts was formed  in 1992, and the business started by buying, reconditioning and reselling stair lifts. The obvious choice was to begin design and manufacture of Acorn’s own stair lift. The Acorn Superglide stair lift was born, and to this day remains at the forefront of stair lifts technology.

Best of luck to MAX Agency Actors at the audition!

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