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Young MAX Agency Talent Auditions for Feature Film

MAX Agency would like to wish good luck to Sam J. today. Sam is auditioning for a feature film called The Headhunter’s Calling. Sam has been with the Agency since the new year. He is an energetic and adorable little boy who is sure to wow them today at his audition. Good Luck Sam!!

Do you Network?

The art of networking is critical in almost every industry, particularly the talent industry. It is the single most important tool to help market yourself. Networking can help speed up or sustain your personal success, guaranteed. Networking can start with close friends, family and eventually can expand to corporate people, who knows!

Fortunately, booking agents at talent agencies make a lot of connections through social media and other platforms to help their talents book jobs. But, talents can also network for themselves and help the agency make more relationships with clients. In fact, if you network with a potential client for yourself, you should obviously mention that you are represented by MAX agency. That way, the prospective client will be in contact with the booking agent, and that can create more potential jobs for more potential talents, including yourself! Win-win situation here people!

Networking is all about making connections and building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Nowadays, its not about who you know, its about who knows you! So get yourself out there, network for yourself and your agency for the greater good! You’d be surprised just how quickly you’ll start booking more and more jobs!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your networking on!

Attention all Models!

Following my post from last week on what actors should wear to auditions, I am going to talk about what models should wear to casting calls or go-zee’s.

First of all, lets define those two terms.

A casting call consists of a process for selecting the right talent before production starts.

A go-see is an appointment arranged by the model or in this case, the agency, to interview with clients. This is where first impressions are very important.

Here are some tips to really impress the clients.

Keep it simple! it is important that the clients and the production team sees what you truly look like.

This means, wear light make up. Foundation, concealer, lip gloss and mascara should be the bare minimum. Keep your hair out of your face. Pull it back into a pony tail or bun. If you have bangs, clip them back. If you have short hair, style it nicely. Keep your nails neutral. No funky designs or extra long nails. A french manicure would work best. Wear form fitting clothes. This will help the casting team see your shape. Just remember that form fitting does not mean extremely tight. Also, there is no need to over accessorize. It distracts from the simpleness. In terms of shoes, ladies, heels are second nature. No flats or sneakers! It’ll make you look very unprofessional.

A perfect example of an outfit to wear to a casting call would be a white tshirt or tank top (form fitting) and shorts for the summer, skinny jeans and leggings for the winter. Heels at all times!

Of course, this is just the basics. If a client specifies otherwise, then forget all of this and listen to the casting director!

Best of luck to all talents!