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Modelling / Acting Bag

Make sure to have these items in your modelling / acting bag:

Face Wash

Traveling tooth brush / tooth paste



Body Spray

Body Moisturizer

Make up Bag

Comp Card and Head Shots


Light Snacks


These items will keep you prepared, refreshed and confident to tackle any audition or meeting!


Myths about the Modelling Agency

Here are the top three myths about the modelling industry:

1) Models don’t eat.

– Ok, so a lot of bad stigma comes with the modelling industry because of this idea that models need to be paper thin. Yes, there is a lot of pressure to stay thin for models and with that comes eating disorders. However, nowadays, there is a new refined way to think of models. Now, since they are using celebrities on magazine covers who don’t look like supermodels/who are super thin, people feel as though they can relate a lot better and not starve themselves to be super thin and look like those celebrities. Of course, models should watch their diets and exercise to maintain a healthy body but fear not! Curvy and voluptuous is the new way to be!


2) Models are picture perfect.

– Absolutely not! I’ve got one word for you: PHOTOSHOP. Believe it or not, models DO get pimples, take bad pictures and have bad hair days…and it takes hours for them to get their hair and make up done! They need time to get all beautiful! Don’t think that they wake up looking like superstars….No body does! It takes time and attention to look the way they do.


3) You have to be tall to be a model.

– Back in the day, height used to be a very important requirement. For runway especially. However today, it is less important then it was. Agencies are much more lenient with height. So if you are on the shorter side but think you’ve got what it takes to be a model… don’t be shy!  Come visit our agency! We’d love to meet you!