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Confidence, Sense of Style and a Signature Look!

Life offers you daily opportunities to shine! Expressing your own sense of style has the ability to bring out the best in you, at any age, in any situation. Strong sense of style = Energy & Confidence! Remember, how you look – indicates how you feel!

“When you’re working in a creative industry, its always a plus if you have a signature look – whether its a standout hair colour, a sharp cut, big curly hair, or a fun lipstick shade. Cool hair and a pop of colour can be good conversation starters and help make you more memorable” – Elaine Welteroth

“Don’t wear too much make up to an interview. People can be suspicious of anyone who tries too hard. You want an air of effortlessness” – Gucci Westman

Immediate things to consider while looking for a quality candidate in the model & talent industry:
1) Confident body language. Posture is everything. Sitting or standing hunched over portrays too casual of an attitude. 
2) Having the ability to interview well will make it easy for the talent agency because they want to “book” you immediately.
3) Does the camera love them? Is the photo current and appropriate? If you are striking a “Zoolander” pose would this encourage companies to book you based on the assumption that you are fun and able to perform the job well? Definitely something to consider!

The girls of the world

MAX Agency is excited to announce our brand new Elite Division. The Elite Division is higher division of modelling that allows select models to travel and go international for work.Elizabeth

Starting on June 14th, Maddie Zarb, Hannah Bradshaw and Elisabeth Callaghan are taking part in a photo shoot that will assist them on their journey to complete their portfolios and prepare for their future as professional and international models.

Each girl has worked extremely hard to achieve this goal and are very passionate about what they do!

Zarb said ” I’v only really been with some agencies for two months so far”

Maddie Z“I expect it to be a lot harder than people think, I was given a lot of material before the shoot and I was shocked of how much practising means. Overall I am really excited, ” she said.

“A lot of what I’ve done is practicing in the mirror and having people take photos of me so I know what works and what doesn’t,” she added.

Bradshaw stated “I’m not really sure what I’m expecting, it’s kinda like a test run for the future.”

“To prepare for the photoshoot I have been watching the videos that were sent to me , and researching models and their poses so that I can prep for next week,” she said

“I’m most excited to do a professional photoshoot, I’m also excited to get my hair and makeup done and have my wardrobe ready for me,”  she added.

The girls will have the experience
of traveling as elite models to do photoshoots and runway shows. While the girls are on the road traveling they will be blogging and vlogging about their travels. There will be behind the scene footage on their hair, makeup, clothes, and experience. If you’re interested in that, the girls will be giving tips and advice for anyone who is interested in pursuing the same.

Everyone is excited to see the girls as their hard work has paid off!

More updates are happening soon, so stay tuned!

For updates follow our Twitter! For behind the scenes footage go to our Facebook and Instagram page!

If you are interesting in applying click here


MAX Models on Dragon’s Den

MAX Agency would like to congratulate Okiemute A. and Rachelle F. and their shoot today on The Dragon’s Den. These models were selected to help a budding designer pitch her project on the Dragon’s Den. Watch for episode details!!

MAX Young Talent Books Environmental Print Ad

MAX Agency would like to congratulate MichaelH. and his booking for a national environmental print ad. Michael has only been with MAX for less than 2 months. He has had several auditions, and this is his first booking. We hope he has a great time on set today.



Do you Network?

The art of networking is critical in almost every industry, particularly the talent industry. It is the single most important tool to help market yourself. Networking can help speed up or sustain your personal success, guaranteed. Networking can start with close friends, family and eventually can expand to corporate people, who knows!

Fortunately, booking agents at talent agencies make a lot of connections through social media and other platforms to help their talents book jobs. But, talents can also network for themselves and help the agency make more relationships with clients. In fact, if you network with a potential client for yourself, you should obviously mention that you are represented by MAX agency. That way, the prospective client will be in contact with the booking agent, and that can create more potential jobs for more potential talents, including yourself! Win-win situation here people!

Networking is all about making connections and building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Nowadays, its not about who you know, its about who knows you! So get yourself out there, network for yourself and your agency for the greater good! You’d be surprised just how quickly you’ll start booking more and more jobs!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your networking on!

Attention all Models!

Following my post from last week on what actors should wear to auditions, I am going to talk about what models should wear to casting calls or go-zee’s.

First of all, lets define those two terms.

A casting call consists of a process for selecting the right talent before production starts.

A go-see is an appointment arranged by the model or in this case, the agency, to interview with clients. This is where first impressions are very important.

Here are some tips to really impress the clients.

Keep it simple! it is important that the clients and the production team sees what you truly look like.

This means, wear light make up. Foundation, concealer, lip gloss and mascara should be the bare minimum. Keep your hair out of your face. Pull it back into a pony tail or bun. If you have bangs, clip them back. If you have short hair, style it nicely. Keep your nails neutral. No funky designs or extra long nails. A french manicure would work best. Wear form fitting clothes. This will help the casting team see your shape. Just remember that form fitting does not mean extremely tight. Also, there is no need to over accessorize. It distracts from the simpleness. In terms of shoes, ladies, heels are second nature. No flats or sneakers! It’ll make you look very unprofessional.

A perfect example of an outfit to wear to a casting call would be a white tshirt or tank top (form fitting) and shorts for the summer, skinny jeans and leggings for the winter. Heels at all times!

Of course, this is just the basics. If a client specifies otherwise, then forget all of this and listen to the casting director!

Best of luck to all talents!

Choosing the Right Outfit for Actors

Choosing the right outfit will help you look and feel the part. It will help bring out confidence in your new persona that the outfit will emanate. When you wear an expensive outfit, it shows quality and prestige. Whereas wearing a T-shirt and jeans makes you look too casual and average. The first impression on how directors, agency execs and clients view you is very important and stems from what you choose to wear to an audition.

Tom Ford said it best: “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

Here is some terminology that most casting directors use to describe the designated audition wardrobe.

Casual: Relaxed environment. Clothing made for socializing comfortably.

Upscale casual: Clothes that are comfortable enough to party in, yet super fashionable.

Outdoorsy: Anything from denim, wool, sweaters, jackets and jeans.

Formal: Tuxedoes for men and evening dresses for women.

Business: Suit and tie for men, pant suit or tailored dress for women.

Trendy: Must be up to date with the latest fashion trends as a casting director is looking for you to wear the latest fad in fashion.

Uniforms/Costumes: Policemen, nurses, doctors, priests, pilots, teacher, firemen etc. This is usually specified in the role your playing.

Work Clothing: Kind of like uniforms. Clothing associated with an occupation.

Sports Wear: Athletic attire i.e. jerseys.

Most of the time the camera will shoot you from the waist up, so put a lot of focus on that part of your wardrobe.

Choose jewel tones (emerald green, topaz, ruby red, sapphire blue, turquoise blue) and rich autumn colours except orange, yellow and gold as those colours don’t flatter on TV.

Choose V necks as they are more flattering on camera. Turtle necks make clients wonder why you are hiding your neck and isn’t flattering on camera.

Avoid busy patterns, stripes, bright colours, shiny jewelry and logos. They draw attention away from your face. Also, avoid wearing clothes that show too much skin or cleavage unless specific otherwise. It might send the wrong message or be too unflattering.

At the end of the day, you all know your body best and what works for you. These are just tips that can help but if you think something else has been working better for you, then by all means, keep doing it!

Stay tuned for what to wear to a casting call or Go-see for modelling!

What’s in YOUR make up bag?

Ladies, in this industry, its important to carry around a makeup bag for any occasion. Being prepared for any circumstance shows great organization skills. For example, if your MUA is late or unavailable, you can do yourself up the best you can with your own make up. Or if your MUA can’t seem to find a match for your skin tone with foundation, you can just use your own. Or if you prefer to use your own make up you could certainly do that. Or if you need to do touch ups yourself etc. Usually, MUA’s are professional and these instances are the very worst case scenario. Plus, MUA’s like to use their own make up brand so you can show case it to the public and then people can ask where you got your make up done. Great publicity But like I said, it’s always good to be prepared.

So here are some essential items to have in your make up bag:

1. A gentle make up remover. (I recommend suggest facial wipes but cotton buds and tissues are good too)

2. Face moisturizer (make sure that your moisturizer isn’t too oily. The oil shows during photo shoots and video shoots).

3. Make up brushes! It’s good to have a kit of all the different brushes.

4. Lip moisturizer (blistex or vaseline is a good choice here), lip sticks and lip liners.

5. Contour, blushes, and concealers.

6. Eye shadow palettes. Make sure to have a variety of choices, from natural to smoky!

7. Natural foundations and primers. Its good to have eye primers and skin primers. Usually you can find foundations that have primers built into them already.

8. Suncreen. SPF is very important! But its hard to blend a very oily and creamy sunscreen with your make up so I recommend getting a foundation or face primer that includes a good amount of SPF in it. That way, it’ll blend and protect you at the same time.

9. Mascara, eye liner, fake lashes.

10. Nail polish. Usually, nails should be natural. But in the event that your nails should be painted, bring a nude colour and a bold colour like red. You never know.

The following aren’t make up items but they should be included in your make up bag:

11. Hair spray and dry shampoo.

12. Hair elastics, bobby pins, hair straightener and hair curler.

13. Tweezers and an eye brow brush.

These items are basics to start with, but if you have anything else you think is important and you wish to add, by all means go for it! The more the merrier.



Audition Tips

Auditions are crucial for actors as it makes or breaks their careers. Here are a few tips to successfully impress a casting director so you can ace those auditions!

1. Be prepared!

– It is very important that you know what exactly your auditioning for. Know your monologue inside and out. Be one with your character. Also be prepared to perform any requested material from your casting director.

– Make sure that you fit the part. If the casting director is looking for a 60 year old, grumpy and intimidating grandma, don’t show up if you happen to be all peppy and if you look young. Make sure you are exactly what they are looking for because they probably won’t change the whole script just for you.

– That being said, make sure you have read and understood the guidelines of the audition. Adhere to them and you should be okay.

– Bring head shots and a resume. Even if they say they don’t need one, bring one just in case. Its always better to be prepared and organized!

2. Be a Pro!

– Punctuality and reliability go hand in hand for casting directors. If you show up for your audition 15 minutes early, this already shows a great first impression!

– Be polite and be courteous. No casting director wants to cast a rude and arrogant diva, no  matter how talented you may be.

3. Dress to impress

– Do not wear costumes, sports wear or casual wear. Act as though this audition is a job interview. Dress business casual unless otherwise specified.

– Ladies, if your going to wear heels, make sure you can walk confidently in them. Make sure they don’t hurt your feet.


These tips should help you impress any casting director! Good luck to all those auditioning for parts this week !