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MAX Agency Toronto and The Next Star

It takes more than pitch perfect pipes to be a superstar. That’s why The Next Star is not your typical talent search—The Next Star scours the nation for six young hopefuls 15 and under with the talent and the determination to make it through superstar boot camp! They will be put through a series of assignments and experiences, to see if they’ve got what it takes to handle the life of a superstar. And MAX Agency’s very own, MAX  Model, Alexxus will be lucky enough to be part of it. She will be in a narrative music video, as the lead singers ex-girlfriend. Make sure to watch for MAX Agency’s Next Star Alexxus on YTV.



The Hess Trucks are back&better than ever with MAX Agency Toronto

Here at MAX Agency Toronto, we think that we work pretty hard.  We also think that Hess Toys makes some hardworking Trucks. That’s why this is a match made in heaven. Hess Trucks is looking for charming kids with warmth and confidence. We think that we have the perfect MAX Agency Talent to fill what they are looking for. Not only are Luana and Vanessa charming, and warm, but they can act!

Each year the Hess Trucks are introduced with their distinctive holiday television commercial “The Hess Truck’s back, and its better than ever!” The Hess Truck has become a lasting family tradition that extends across generations. We hope to be a part of this great tradition at MAX Agency, best of luck with the audition ladies!

Canadian Tire and MAX Agency Toronto

Get ready Toronto, Hunter and Haissam are up for a big Audition!

With 479 stores across the country serving more than three million customers every week, Canadian Tire is Canada’s most-shopped general merchandise retailer, offering three specialty categories in which it is the market leader – automotive, sports and leisure, and home products. More than 90 per cent of the Canadian population shops in Canadian Tire stores every year! That’s why here at Max Agency we are so excited about this audition. They are looking for great actors, and here at MAX Agency, we think that Hunter and Haissam have what it takes! Best of Luck with the Audition!

Canadian Tire gives back to those in need, and helps communities all across Canada.

To help give all kids a sporting chance please visit