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Talent Tuesday x KIDS!

Check out this adorable bundle of smiles heading off to an exciting audition tomorrow for Project Rusty Rivets.

Best of luck to our MAX kids. Keep smiling! 

If you are considering the modeling and acting world for your little one, do not hesitate to contact us directly with your questions and concerns or apply online.

Summer is here and projects are flooding in! 


Tip Tuesday – Jose Rozas


Good luck to Jose R at his audition for Project State Farm tomorrow. What better day to land an audition with a US National client than Independence Day!


Jose joined MAX Agency just a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps Tip Tuesday goes something like this, “its never too late” – Woohoo, best of luck Jose!

Interested in modeling and acting part-time like Jose? Apply here because it’s never too late.

Talent Thursday w/ Amanpreet S.


Amanpreet S. recently booked a secret project (for a major retail client) with famed photographer, Richard Sibbald. This handsome talent sat down with us to share some model insight leading up to his big shoot next week.


What are you most excited for?

A: One of the things I am most excited about is working with talented individuals in this industry. Building relationships helps improve your knowledge whilst encouraging growth. 

How did you feel when you found out you got the job?

A: I was extremely overjoyed when I heard I landed the job. You get this feeling of achievement but also increased focus as landing the part was just the beginning…there is still a job to do! 

How did MAX help you succeed in landing this project? 

A: MAX agency has continued to support my development from day one and has always been there at my side helping me achieve my goals. They have been the guiding hand taking me through this journey one step at a time. 


If you like this success story, and want to have your very own: apply right here and explore the possibility.

Throwback Thursday with Jamie M

We want to throwback to the day we signed the unstoppable

Jamie M. 

A 40-something father of two with a hidden talent for booking projects! Countless submissions and non stop auditions… this guy has a knack for nailing it.


What makes this talent so great? Jamie is a real dad, a relatable character, a friendly personality and a responsible talent. I guess checking in and communicating in a timely matter really does pay off! 

This week Jamie M has booked a secret project. Stay tuned for the reveal. Congrats JAMIE!

Do you have a success story? A throwback for next week? 

Talent Tuesday with Arun D.

 Tuesday is for saying “THANK YOU!” 


“I had the chance to appear in Bullfrog Power celebrating Canada’s 150 years. It was an opportunity to raise awareness about climate change and it was such a rewarding experience to be part of something that is so important to me as a Canadian. I had such a fun time shooting for this commercial. The cast, director and film crew made the whole experience very memorable and comfortable. Thank you Max for such a great opportunity!” – Arun D. 


Thank you Arun for this wonderful review.

We pride ourselves in taking care of our talent. You are a proven success! Keep up the good work!


Kickin’ it with KAY!

Our beloved Kay D. was booked for Project Alzheimer’s.


The Alzheimer Society of Ontario is shooting a charity campaign  this week featuring our wonderful, Kay D in character as a lady at a care facility. Such a wonderful cause that actively raises awareness and encourages funding for a life changing, heartbreaking brain disease.

This is one project we are proud to witness… way to go Kay!


International Photoshoot

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.15.15 PM Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.15.56 PM Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.21.02 PMOn June 13th 2017 MAX agency’s international girls took a step into their future and went to their creative photoshoot.

Maddie Zarb and Hannah Bradshaw had the photoshoot in Toronto. They arrived early to get their hair and makeup done! Each girl was excited and nervous as they did not know what to expect.

Hannah went first, she had several outfit changes and poses. She was like a pro. As soon as the camera was on her she took control and became a true star.

“The photoshoot was fantastic today. Everyone was so nice and it was a welcoming environment. I felt so comfortable and I’m so glad i got to experience this! Thanks so much Max Agency!”  Said Bradshaw.

Maddie waited while Hannah was in her photoshoot, this was her first time ever being in a professional studio.

When Maddie was in her shoot  she was nervous at first but she became more confident as the shoot went one! It was like she made for this.

Zarb said “I had a lot of fun at the photoshoot and I got to take a variety of photos. It was was a really cool experience and i look forward to do similar shots in the future!”

These girls will be soon traveling for runway shows and to do international photoshoot!

To follow them on their journey, make sure to follow our accounts for the inside scoop. Can’t wait for more to come! Hope everyone is excited to see the photos!

For updates follow our Twitter! For behind the scenes footage go to our Facebook and Instagram page!

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