Brendan – Showcase Saturday!

Welcome back to our long weekend addition of out Showcase Saturday! This week we want to introduce you to Brendan L!


Brendan is a relatively new face to the MAX family and currently hails from Windsor, Ontario which is known for famous Canadians such as Shania Twain,  The Tea Party, Tie Domi plus many more. Branden is currently attending the same high school there.


When he’s not attending classes and auditions you’ll find Brendan flexing his musical talents. He is skilled on the piano, ukulele as well as clarinet! And if he’s not fine tuning the instruments, Brendan is surely practicing his cross country and archery skills.

Brendan has ambitions of studying to becoming a doctor when he’s finished high school, specifically a pediatric surgeon! How amazing is that goal?! We here at MAX know he will absolutely flourish in his chosen field due to how caring he is. This is evident in the fact that he loves animals. In fact, he has 10 of them! Including three dogs – one Bull Mastiff and two English Mastiffs – 10 birds, one cat and a crested gecko.


But wait, Brendan get’s even sweeter! He has been a repping Halifornia Apperal  and is giving all our readers 20% off ANY purchase when you use the discount code @BRENDANB6420

“I’m really exited to see what the future will bring me thanks to max agency.” – Brendan L.

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